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What They Say About Us

As a start-up, we look for strategic partnerships to unlock growth and scale, together. eDataQuick has been a valuable part of our team for nearly a year and has provided a level of personalized care and attention to detail that we are thrilled with. The service eDataQuick provides is superb and the solution is very cost effective for us.
Big thanks to the team.

Fedor Andreev

CEO and Co-Owner, Eve Hansen

Hi to all staff and administrators who participated in developing our lost files involving due and current taxes. I was really stressed in how meeting deadlines and having so much information to organize that I saw no end, until I was told about your group. It was the best information I could have received.
Thank you so much for all you have done for me and my small business.

Dorothy Willis

Owner, Dottie's Place

Our small law firm has benefited substantially from eDataQuick’s services. We had fallen victim to a pattern of delaying bookkeeping until critical times in the year. This resulted in high surcharges and long hours with professionals having last-minute accounting done. With eDataQuick, we have confidence that our books are maintained month by month for a fee far less than in-house dedicated personnel.
Bookkeeping is no longer on the to-do list, and that peace of mind is near priceless.

Gian Dominic Vitiello, ESQ

Partner, KV&K Lawyers

We work with most systems

Worry-Free Tax Season

We provide complete financial information in an appropriate format that your accountant or tax preparer can use to prepare your returns.

Our Account Managers will work directly with your tax preparer to ensure a stress-free tax season for you, at no additional charge!

Catch Up Bookkeeping

Falling behind on your bookkeeping? We’ll catch you up at 50% discount.

Customized Solution

Get a monthly subscription for end-to-end bookkeeping services and receive all your monthly financial reports as well as regular updates on your financial status. Ideal for Small and Medium scale businesses, this service starts at only $50 per month!


Get Customized Service with a Dedicated Account Manager. We can customize our bookkeeping service to execute your accounting processes as if it were done in-house. Ideal for Enterprise and Large businesses, staff augmentation starts at only $18 per hour.

When Comparing Us to Other Bookkeeping Services

What's really important

  • That you pay a low price for top quality

  • That your work is performed in a secure facility
  • That your financial information is kept in software that is fully portable such as QuickBooks
  • That you can call and discuss your books any time, day or night, weekends and holidays, even during tax time, without waiting up to 24-hours for a response
  • That you entrust your books to a United States company with over 18 years of experience managing protected medical and financial information
  • No tricks or gimmicks. See the results before you make any decision.

What's not so important

Whether the work is processed in North America,
such as Canada, or some place else.


Begin your Awesome Bookkeeping!

We will provide you with bookkeeping services at the outset. During this period, you will have full access to our Account Managers, who will work with you to ensure everything is set up properly.

We will do your setup and on-boarding for free.

We support most accounting software. Let us know what you want to use.

Give us access to your books.

Upload your latest financial statements to the eDataQuick portal.

If you do not have your books, upload all references to financial transactions (like receipts, bank statements, etc.)

We will setup a call to ensure that we have setup your books according to your needs.

You will receive all your monthly financial reports as well as regular updates on your financial status.

So that you clearly understand our billing practice, we will provide you with a pro forma invoice reflecting what the charges would have been had we billed you.

If you like our service, we will start billing you at the beginning of each month. If for whatever reason you do not wish to continue with us during and after the free trial, we will download your bookkeeping data into an Excel Spreadsheet that is usable by any bookkeeper.



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