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Worry-Free Tax Season

While we don’t prepare tax returns, we provide complete financial information in an appropriate format that your accountant or tax preparer can use to prepare your returns.

Our Account Managers will even work directly with your tax preparer to ensure a stress-free tax season for you, at no additional charge!

Catch Up Bookkeeping

If you’re falling behind on your bookkeeping and need to catch up, we’ll do it for you at a 50% discount.

With a team working on your books, we’ll get you up to speed within a week!

Enterprise Solution

An extension of your office – for less than you think.

Don’t need end to end bookkeeping, but need help processing accounting data?  eDataQuick is the most efficient solution for creating and maintaining a manageable workload.  We can assist your business by augmenting your staff and executing your accounting processes as if it were done in-house, at a fraction of the cost.

When Comparing Us to Other Bookkeeping Services

What’s really important

  • That you pay a low price for top quality

  • That your work is performed in a secure facility

  • That your financial information is kept in software that is fully portable such as QuickBooks

  • That you can call and discuss your books any time, day or night, weekends and holidays, even during tax time, without waiting up to 24-hours for a response

  • That you entrust your books to a United States company with over 18 years of experience managing protected medical and financial information

  • That you truly get a 2-month free trial, without tricks or gimmick; where you see the results before you make any decision

What’s not so important

  • Whether the work is processed in North America, such as Canada, or some place else.

Begin your 2 Months FREE Trial Now!

We will provide you two months of bookkeeping service at no charge. During the two-month trial, you will have full access to our account managers who will work with you to make certain everything is set up properly.

We will do the initial setup and on-boarding with no set up fees:

  • if you have an existing QuickBooks online subscription, add as accountant
  • if you’re using QuickBooks Desktop, create a back up copy of your book and upload the copy to your eDataQuick Portal account
  • if you’re using other accounting software or you do not have books yet, you will have to choose to subscribe either to QuickBooks online of QuickBooks Desktop
    • if you’re using other accounting software upload your latest financial statements and we can start your books from the last available balance.  If you have other preferences, please give us a call
    • if you do not have your books, upload all  references to financial transactions (like receipts, bank statements, etc.)
  • we will need to set up a call to ensure that we have set up your books according to your needs.

You will receive all your monthly financial reports as well as regular updates on your financial status.

So that you clearly understand our billing practice, we will provide you with a pro forma invoice reflecting what the charges would have been had we billed you.

If you like our service, we will start billing you at the beginning of the 3rd month. If for whatever reason you do not wish to continue with us during and after the free trial, we will download your bookkeeping data into an Excel Spreadsheet that is usable by any bookkeeper.

If you have questions or need assistance in signing up, Call (833) 463-3282

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